“I’ve been a patient of Dayna’s for 2.5 years (since she started here).
She is the best therapist I have been to, she always finds the areas that I need fixing, whether it’s damage from the gym, yardwork or simply tension from the stresses of work.
She is very knowledgeable and professional.
I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a massage.
In summary– Dayna is AWESOME!!!”

– Mark

“Creating Health provides amazing massage therapists. I have had success when I have a cold getting an adjustment followed by a massage. I find my cold symptoms are relieved and my cold is gone much quicker. I often wish they have an extra room where you can stay and have a nap. I am so relaxed after a massage you don’t want to leave.”

“I started seeing Julie Spruyt for massage therapy, and she is
amazing. I have had many RMTs, but none have come close to Julie! It was
on her advice that I try chiropractic for my headaches that I have been
plagued with for years. I admit that I was a skeptic, but at this point
was willing to give it a try. I saw Dr Crystal, and after just one
treatment I felt better. I have continue on my suggested course of
treatment and can honestly say that I have been headache free. I’d
forgotten what normal felt like and I am not having to take Advil or
Tylenol to mask the pain. I have quality of life back. Dr Crystal is
amazing. I even talked my skeptic father into giving it a try, and now he
is a regular patient as well!


“Adding massage therapy to my chiropractic care has brought me to a new frontier of health.
I have discovered that massage therapy is integral to overall health and wellness. The therapists at Creating Health are not only friendly and professional, but genuinely care about elevating you to a new level of wellness.

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