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Here at Creating Health Massage Therapy, we have a passion for massage therapy. After sixteen (and counting!) years of providing therapeutic massages, we are still excited about how a simple form of care is truly life-changing. We work with two chiropractors – Dr. Crystal Paculan and Dr. Tole – in a state-of-the-art, customer-focused facility. At Creating Health Massage Therapy, we offer a number of Registered Massage Therapists, allowing us to provide a wider range of services to our patients. Our therapists are skilled and incredibly enthusiastic about the power of massage, and the entire team at Creating Health Massage is here to graciously meet your massage therapy needs. Contact Creating Health Massage at (204) 253-1900 to book your next massage – we promise that you’ll be in great hands!                                                                                                                                                                            Creating Health Massage Therapy Offers:

  • Deep tissue massage therapy
    This therapy is great for breaking down deep adhesions that can build in the muscle tissue.
  • Swedish massage
    These techniques are relaxing while promoting the benefits of blood and nutrients to tissues to promote healing and help correct a multitude of concerns.
  • Pregnancy massage
    Prenatal massage is used to help a pregnant women achieve an optimal pregnancy and to encourage the body to progress with ease into labor and during labor as well. Our therapist have Doula (labor support) training and have assisted women while in active labor to maximize their potential for a great experience.
  • Infant massage
    These techniques that our therapist can perform on your baby will assist in calming a colicky phase the baby may experience. Massage for babies is also a wonderful way to help develop a baby with ease through every stage, by using touch therapy provided by the parent. Our therapist can assist parent education.
  • Lymphatic drainage
    The Lymphatic System is the waste system of the body and by using light touch draining techniques our therapist can help with chronic pain, edema, and a variety of circulation concerns.
  • Cranio-sacral therapy
    Our therapist tune into your craniosacral rythmn which is a light touch technique that helps with many chronic health concerns.
  • Myofacial Release
    The fascia that surrounds muscles can be creating limitations of movement and function. By releasing the myofascial tissue your muscle strength and flexibility will improve.
  • Trigger point therapy
    These are direct and deep techniques that focus on releasing trigger points (“knots”) and adhesions that form in the muscle.
  • Sports massage
    Assist with any athletic goal. You may require assistance to help recover after a race or you may be seeking help to prepare for pushing your body to your next personal goal.

What to expect for your first visit? You will be asked to arrive fifteen minutes early for your first appointment, as we have a health history form for you to complete. Once you have provided us with your information, your therapist will walk you to one of our four treatment rooms. Your massage therapist will then discuss your health history and goals for care, giving them a thorough understanding of the treatment goals. After this talk, your massage therapist will leave the room to allow you privacy as you change. While you are changing, we suggest that you take those few moments to enjoy the sounds and scents of the calming environment. Our therapist will knock on the door to ensure that you are ready, and your session will begin. After your session, you will change into your clothes and have a refreshing glass of filtered water. Your massage therapist will provide you with advice for at home care, and discuss appropriate booking so as to maximize the benefits of massage therapy. Your massage therapist will lead you to the front area of our office, where our wonderful assistants will help you with booking your next appointment and will handle fee payment.

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